Today being a leader of a company no longer consists as in the past to produce, sell and generate profits.We are all aware that we need to think differently and act differently.
As many textile companies in the world I made the choice to make my products in Asia.

Nevertheless, I am fully aware of the negative impact of this kind of approach, especially in terms of transport.
Moreover from my personal point of view, considering that ecology is only a territorial problem is simplistic.Consider that we French do well and continue to ignore what is happening in the rest of the world is in my view a very selfish analysis.

If actually producing in my country is certainly positive from an economic and ecological point of view, if it is true that every personal action is a stone brought to the building, I personally chose to proceed differently.

Indeed, I have made the choice to work with Thailand, and the companies with which I have commercial partnerships are located in Bangkok.This city is one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world and the authorities do not seem particularly aware of public health problems created by the rejection of particles into the atmosphere by vehicles.
During my travels, I was able to see by myself the number of vehicles and traffic problems that deteriorate the quality of the air.Many people use masks to protect themselves.It is not uncommon to see in the French press articles dealing with this subject.

Air pollution is only a small part of the problem and if I have been able to observe selective sorting in some places, it is nevertheless true that the intensive use of plastics degrades the environment, pollutes rivers and seas.
So I asked myself the question of how I could bring “my stone to the building” differently, and I have analyzed what has been happening in my country for about fifteen years now: raising awareness among young people of ecological gestures
How can behaviour change sustainably?

By education, by providing educational means adapted to the youngest.
Children are the future of the planet.

From my father’s experience I was able to observe that teachers, by raising awareness of children, are able to change the behaviours of our parents.
From this simple observation, I imagined that it would be interesting to transpose it into the country where I make my clothes.The idea of a cultural and ecological exchange with a French school and a Thai school was thus born.
Drivers’ Club Company is a link between Europe and Asia.Our children through small reports explain what is being done at home and exchange with children of their ages in Thailand, who in turn can put in place, some things and thus change their minds.

Drivers’ Club Company will pay 1 € on each garment purchased from an association created on site to give them technical and educational means.
This is our stone in the building.