To pay tribute to the drivers or engineers without doing so much for the artists I collaborated with in the development of this collection is for me inconceivable.
I wanted to thank them all this way.
I loved working with them.

Laurent Chomette is a multidisciplinary artist.He overall knows everything to do and it’s great to work with him.It is the chance of my former professional activity that made us meet a dozen years ago.He has an incredible portfolio and has worked with Jean Paul Gaultier, the Dammann brothers and so many prestigious companies.It is an aubaine for me to have met him.I owe her a lot.



Grégory Ronot is an incredible artist.
The cars are his passion, he knows how to draw them and stage them.I loved working with him.
With only a few directives he was able to interpret, analyze and sleep on paper my wishes in record time.
I owe him the achievements of the 550 and Targa Florio motive.



Lionel Pennec has the brain in perpetual boiling.
He always has a pencil in his hand to claw the slightest idea, whether in the context of his work (architecture) or for his passion for vintage cars.

Our common passion for the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia has brought us closer.
I owe him the interpretations of the Porsche 917.I loved his approach.



Dan (Orangemeca) and i are long-standing knowledge.We have the same passion for the Volkswagen air cooled and it’s my professional project that brought us together again.
I always liked his photos.

He is an original artist with a great heart who opens a different eye on the VW world.

His photos are sometimes a little bit unhappy like what he likes to shoot elsewhere, and I like it.

It is naturally that I asked him, it is just as naturally as he accepted.

He loved my project.I thank him.




I must also warmly thank two photographers: an amateur, my friend Nicolas Contensaux and the other professional Joël Goyer.They are both the authors of the photos that embellish the site. http://